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workbench 11-1000-FE


workbench 11-2000-FE


11-2000-FE + 12-00 + 12-54

This series of benches is designed to meet all needs. The wide range of models in this series is divided into two main types: benches with iron tops and benches with wooden tops.

The "IRON" bench has a heavy-duty steel sheet top with welded reinforcements, making it resistant to hard wear and tear.

The "WOOD" workbench has multylayer wooden top, thickness mm 40 with layers of non-deformable hardwood, hard-wearing and durable. This version has an all-steel structure, and the wooden surface is fitted and fixed to the actual frame.


workbench 11-2500-FE


workbench 11-1500-LE

11-2500-FE + 2 12-54

11-1500-LE + 12-51

The solid parts, broad surface fitting between legs and tops, and the crossed fixing with M8 bolts, offer "series 11" benches great stability and strenght. The closed section (tubolar) legs guarantee maximum support and rigidity. Also, welded to the bottom of legs are plates with diam. mm 10 holes to allow good floor support, and for eventual floor fixing.

All-important features include easy fitting and packing ready for transport.

Standard colour: blue RAL 5015

dimensions workbenches serie 11

Versions available (dimensions):

Iron top
Wooden top
mm 1.000 x 750 x 860 h.
mm 1.250 x 750 x 860 h.
mm 1.500 x 750 x 860 h.
mm 1.500 x 750 x 890 h.
mm 2.000 x 750 x 860 h.
mm 2.000 x 750 x 890 h.
mm 2.500 x 750 x 860 h.
mm 2.500 x 750 x 890 h.

(articles in the photo at side)

n° 1 art. 11-2000-FE (workbench serie 11, lenght mm 2.000, iron top)

n° 1 art. 11-M cast iron FZA 120

n° 1 art. 12-54 (drawer set with 4 drawers on bearings)

n° 1 art.12-64 S (central locking with for drawers)

n° 1 art. 15-20 (tool panel dim. mm 2.000 x 800)

n° 1 art. 15-ST (bracket to fix the panel to the workbench)


workbench 11-2000-FE


configuration workbenches series 11


All the workbenches series 11 can be fitted with the drawers series 12 as shown in the photos

The versions in lenght mm 1.000 and mm 1.250 can be fitted with a central rows of drawers from 1 to 4. Other assembly position arranged on the benches starting from lenght mm 1.500 to meet any other requirements in use.

The diagram at side shows all the combinations that can be obtain, according to the length of the benches.


special workbench

Special bench can be made on request as, for instance, that illustrated to the left, that has the structure entirely settled, the top thickness mm 6 for a capacity of 1.000 kg and dimension equal to mm 2.000 x 1.000 x 1.000.
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