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roof walkway
Parolin srl produces walkways to be placed over industrial industrial roofs for installation, maintenance or inspection of photovoltaic systems, refrigerants, etc.

The walkway can also be crossed with four front roller transpallets with pallets weighing between 600 and 700 kg (panel packs).

The floor is made with bulged staves for external use or holed staves, zinc plated sendzimir.

roof walkway for solar panel inspection
walkway  module

The walkway for only transit of people has a uniformly distributed load capacity of 200 kg/m².

On request it can be equipped with safety rails.

It is made of galvanized sheet metal modules, joined together flexibly to allow thermal expansion and compensate for non-constant grips. The uprights are adjustable in height to obtain a horizontal plane. It must be fastened to concrete beams, usually "Y", with special brackets that do not require drilling.

We can also provide the stairs to access to the roof, with ramps or step irons.

roof walkway with two parapets
roof walkway with one parapet
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