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mezzanine floor with elevator

The mezzanine Parolin doubles the useful surfaces without major buildong projects. It is always manufactured according to the dimensions and loading capacity requested by the customer.
industrial mezzanine floor

It is possible to obtain ports between the columns from 3 to 10 meters and a loading capacity from 200 up to 1.500 Kg per square meter either with uniform or concentrated distribution of the weight.

mezzanine with high loading capacity
mezzanine in metallic carpentry

The square tubular columns and load bearing beams, IPE type, are projected according to the distance between the columns and the load capacity required.
mezzanine with stair and pivoting gate

When there are problems with the height of the ceiling, we use reduced beams (HEA type) then the flooring and secondary beams are fitted inside.
walking surface in bulges staves

The walking surface is made with galvanized steel staves (bulged or holed) of our production.On request the walking surface can be covered with other materials such as fire proof hard board, medium density, marine multilayer, linoleum etc.
walking surface in holed staves
walking surface in marine multilayer
external mezzanine
The structure is varnished or zinc plated according to the customer's request. In this case it can be assembled outside..
With special walls the mezzanine floor can be turned to office, also on two plans.
office intermediate floor
mezzanine with soundproof walls
The space under the mezzanine floor can be soundproofed with insulating panels (also sliding) and be used to perform noisy operations.
mezzanine with office
mezzanine joint with stair
mezzanine with windbracings
The mezzanine floors found in a sismic zone are equipped with knee rafter type windbracings.
mezzanine with architectural finishing

The mezzanine floors can be made with architectural touch particularly elegant and very well finished.The access to the same can be obtained with a spiral staircase.
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